About PAiE Netherlands

PAiE Netherlands provides support and activities for members and students of the five CCAB bodies and CIMA who are resident in The Netherlands. The group provides the opportunity to its members to network, make new business contacts and obtain guidance on local issues.Technical events, often with a social aspect, are organised either for an entire day or at the end of the afternoon and into the evening. All events are conducted in English and are sponsored by the PAiE Netherlands group.

PAiE Netherlands is a non profit organisation funded by the CCAB bodies and CIMA, and members' contributions, who provide the means to promote the activities of the group to its members. We are registered as a "vereniging" (association) with the Kamer van Koophandel in Amsterdam no:40536119.


Our members although holding or training for a UK or Irish qualified accountant certification are from many different cultures and are united by their common interest. Find out who are on the board, attend our events in our gallery, and join our team!

PAiE Netherlands and GDPR

The Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (General Data Protection Regulation or “GDPR”) comes into effect on 25 May 2018 as a result of which individuals will have additional rights about the way personal data is collected and used. GDPR replaces the Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (Data Protection Act).

Professional Accountants in Europe (Netherlands), hereinafter “PAiE”, is an association (“vereniging”) established and existing under the laws of the Netherlands. It has members, about whom it gathers and uses personal data. It is therefore subject to the provisions of GDPR.

PAiE recognises the importance of the personal data it receives and gathers from or about its members and takes seriously its responsibility to hold such data securely and to use it appropriately.

How may GDPR benefit a member of PAiE?

A member of PAiE currently has a legal right to access the personal data PAiE holds about him/her and can request his/her personal data to be updated or deleted. GDPR will give a member of PAiE additional rights to require PAiE to correct or delete any errors in the personal data it holds about him/her. A member of PAiE may request a copy of the personal data PAiE holds about him/her, in a format suitable for the member’s use. GDPR is intended to give the member better protection and greater control of his/her personal data.

How does PAiE gather and use personal data?

PAiE gathers personal data in a number of ways, beginning with interaction PAiE has with its members, following for example a member registering him- or herself to attend a PAiE events to which the member has received an invitation either through the professional accounting body of which he/she is a member or directly from PAiE. PAiE also gathers and stores personal data which a member has made available on social media sites such as LinkedIn.

PAiE stores and keeps secure all and any personal data about its members until requested by a member explicitly and in writing to delete his/her personal data.

PAiE uses personal data in order to send to its members Newsletters, invitations to events and feedback following events which a member has attended or registered to attend.

How does PAiE share your personal data?

With effect from 25 May 2018 PAiE will share no personal data of any member of PAiE with third parties other than with the explicit consent of the member or in a situation, highly unlikely but not inconceivable, that legal or other regulatory authorities may require PAiE to disclose personal data to them.

Bloemendaal, 25 May 2018

Download the PAiE Netherlands Privacy Policy statement
PAiE Privacy Policy Statement.pdf (77.9KB)